We’re Elephants Ink!

An advertising agency that helps businesses thrive between competition through best-in-class results-driven performance.

Founded by a serial entrepreneur, our team is full of innovators and marketing experts who will take your brand to its next milestone.


The Team

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Malak El Bahtimy

Founder & CEO

Malak is a 3x founder with 8+ years of experience in advertising, fit-tech, and smart logistics. She has been leading startups from ideation - profitability with strong Commercial & Product backgrounds.

Her education includes an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL and various post-graduate certificates from notable universities in business studies.

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Sherehan Ashraf

Partner & Creative Director

Sherehan is a multidisciplinary creative director who has been working in the advertising and design industry since 2018. She is able to blend in visual communication and design with her background in architecture.

She has a personal focus on brand creation and the integration of brand with experience with extensive knowledge in marketing.


Our Services

Social Media Management
It's all about starting a conversation through social media. By sharing fresh and inventive content, images, short videos, eye-catching gifs, and graphics that "pop."
Media Production
Production gets more attention than all other social media creative – with around 80% of all social media users watching videos & looking at pictures. So why use an agency that settles for anything less than astounding for your brand?
Branding & Design
A visual expression of a brand’s personality, we build a complete identity system and create something we’re both proud of that shows off what you’re all about.