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We’ve worked with some great brands on amazing projects - and we’re proud of every one of them. From branding campaigns to web development, we approach each project with detail and care. Take a look at some of our success stories and see how our creative approach has been applied to each to achieve great results.

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Lead Optimization

We’ve planned a successful lead generation campaign, making growth in their platforms up to 35%

we’ve reduced the CPL after 6 months with optimization, from 8LE / Lead to 4.7LE / Lead.

Now ITLI at AAST is fully booked! with the registration target surpassed

35% Overall Growth

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Elephants Ink partners, Malak and Sherehan, created the Dunkin' Donuts stunt to spike up TAYARY's orders during the launch of a rivalry delivery platform. Back then, there wasn't a branch in Alex and TAYARY promised to deliver fresh orders. TAYARY got hundreds of orders, Malak and Sherehan drove there to make sure everything's going smoothly.

"Your team managed to sell out the largest branch in Cairo and it's not even 9 AM yet, well done!"

DD's Operational Manager

"We've received a large number of new users in a very short time."


The campaign was repeated multiple times with a high impact on orders.

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Orouba Misr's Skyline project had dim and unseeable billboards placed around the city. There main objective was to get customers inquiring.

The creative team revamped all the existing billboards with attractive designs and a unified message.

Orouba's COO, Karim El Masry, testified that the campaign was a massive success in lead generation.

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Agial Hospital

We've successfully executed an awareness campaign targeting potential IVF patients around the Middle East.

Our goal was to increase leads, engagement, and place Agial Hospital on the IVF radar. We created an outdoor campaign promoting the hospital and the team along with a fully-fledged media production campaign.

The number of patients increased in comparison to the previous year.

2,920 messages and inquiries were received in a 5-month span.

The IVF center received much more phone calls and bookings than usual.

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